This is Nu Menu

The hospitality industry is ever-evolving and Nu Menu is at the cutting edge.
We exhaustively select the best hotel software and hardware from industry leaders worldwide to alleviate management headaches, improve communication and makes life easier for hotel owners and their guests.

Our technology is built and distributed in Europe and America and every solution we sell has been rigorously tested in these markets before being brought to African audiences.

Our advanced water purification systems are developed to cater a variety of critical challenges, from complex water purification, water provisioning, wastewater treatment to seawater desalination, in the most extreme circumstances.

Ampac USA deploys cutting-edge technologies, such as reverse osmosis and seawater desalination for municipal, industrial, pharmaceutical, and other major applications. Ampac USA’s purification solutions, which are designed and manufactured by the custom engineers, are suitable for all types of extreme water treatment conditions,  whether it is tropical islands, deserts, polar regions, war zones, or offshore rigs.

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