As a leading name in the industry, AMPAC USA understands the true responsibilities of a water purification system supplier. Along with manufacturing and distributing water purifiers, there are many other responsibilities of a water purifier provider, and ensuring that the quality of water generated lives up to the safety standard is prioritised over everything. AMPAC USA strives to meet all these parameters, ensuring everybody is receiving safe water for drinking and other applications.

AMPAC USA integrates advanced Water Quality Monitor Systems into the SBRs that allows users to check the quality of the surface water and groundwater. In addition, such water quality monitors also help users ensure things like whether the water is safe enough to drink or cook, or whether there is any problem with the water that needs to be addressed, etc. The more technical monitors, however, are responsible for advanced applications like determining and controlling pollution levels, responding to exigencies like spills and overflows, etc.

The monitors, regular or technical, are designed in accordance with numerous technical specifications, including spot sampling, profiling, and other groundwater applications. Equipped with digital sensors, the monitor can determine several other factors like conductivity, dissolved oxygen content, resistivity, temperature, turbidity, salinity, pH levels, etc.  Conveniently enough, these water monitors are available in portable and fixed variants, both offering accurate results.

With years of experience in the industry, AMPAC strives to incorporate its expertise in manufacturing excellent water quality monitors that can operate even in critical marine and freshwater situations. The water quality monitors can be introduced into the water treatment systems during the purchase, or it can be bought separately for integrating into clients’ existing systems. Such flexible deployment choices are a boon to the users and depending on the nature of requirements, all the relevant details will be assembled and logged into the controlling system. Some of the data recorded in the actuator involve:    

  • Conductivity
  • Flow rate
  • Operating temperature
  • pH
  • Pressure
  • Resistivity
  • Total dissolved solids (TDS)

As monitoring technologies gain a stronghold in the industry, AMPAC USA adheres to only those systems that add value to water treatment operations.

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