Mcom is one of the leading providers of internet television in the hospitality industry thanks to their proprietary platform, HOTstream.

HOTstream is a feature-rich hub of movies, news, apps and information and is designed to be hosted on your own dedicated server, making it especially useful for customers with high volumes of traffic.

The central platform is an intuitive, eye-catching hub from which guests can watch over 250 movies in their native language, enjoy music, apps, make reservations and get a rundown of hotel services and activities. The central interface can also be customised for your hotel upon request.

It comes with films in standard definition (SD), high definition (HD) and even 3D. The software also includes adult content, and there are parental controls for parents to exercise control over the content their children watch.

HOTstream seamlessly integrates with Smart TV and because the technology is built on HTML and paired with a dedicated server, the interface is blazing fast. No set top boxes are required and there are no irritating wires to hide behind the TV cabinet.
New films are added on a weekly and monthly basis and Mcom provides usage data to track what films, apps and features are popular.

If you’re a hotel that wants to offer your customers a first-class entertainment platform, HOTstream stands tall as the all-encompassing option for the modern hotelier.

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