The SW500-LC is ideal for small homes close to beach areas and locations were clean seawater infiltrate boreholes making borehole water too salty for consumption, and is capable of operating with TDS values from 10,000 to 35,000 PPM producing 1890 liters per day with 99.2% Salt Rejection.


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Fully Automated Turnkey Seawater Desalination Watermaker including Pre-Treatment Modules, Reverse Osmosis Desalination Process, Post Treatment and Ultra Violet Disinfection Process, fully built on a Powder Coated Welded Aluminum Skid using good industrial practice and Made in USA.


Water TDS 10,000 ~ 45,000 ppm
Recovery 30%
Rejection 98% Average
Temperature 25º Celsius
Pressure >10 psi
Electrical 110V/220V/380V/460V
Frequecy 50Hz/60Hz Single or 3 Phase power
Production Over a 24-Hour Period.

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