Capacity: Gallons Per Day 1,500 GPD
Capacity: Liters Per Day 5,600 LPD
Feed Pump HP 3/4 HP
High Pressure Pump HP 3 HP
Recovery 30%
Salt Rejection % 99.2%
Filter Stages
Number of Membrane Elements 1
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Fully Automated Turnkey Sea Water Desalination Watermaker including Pre-Treatment Modules, Reverse Osmosis Process and On-Demand Delivery to Point of Use, fully built on a Powder Coated Welded Aluminum Skid with Diamond Plate Base using good industrial practice and following manufacturer’s guidelines for every component Made in USA.


Water TDS  45000
Recovery 30%
Rejection 98% Average
Temperature 25º Celsius
Pressure >10 psi
Electrical 110V/220V/380V/460V
Frequecy 50Hz/60Hz Single or 3 Phase power
Production Over a 24-Hour Period.