Portable Survivor 12 Volt


For rivers, dams & boreholes with low TDS levels, drawing under six amps of power, the Survivor Pro can produce nearly 450 litres of safe and clean drinking water per hour. With a portable solar power system providing the power to run the water filter via sunlight for just 2 hours daily you would be able to filter approx 900 litres of clean, drinkable water from your borehole.  The case is sold separately for R1600.00

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  • 8 Litres Per Minute Flow Rate
  • 10 Watt UV Lamp
  • 4 Stage Water Purification System
  • 12v DC With ‘Alligator’ Clips – Draws Only 6 amps
  • Easy On-Off Switch
  • 50 PSI Self-Priming Flojet 3526 Pump
  • FDA-Approved Inlet Hose
  • RInsable Screen Prefiltration To Reduce Sediment Uptake
  • 1 Micron, NSF-Certified, Sediment Prefiltration
  • .5 Micron, NSF & Water Quality Association Approved & Certified,  Activated Carbon Block Filtration
  • Germicidal UV Disinfection
  • Lab Certified Effective
  • Exceeds World Health Organization Requirements
  • 304 Stainless Steel UV Chamber
  • Patent Pending Design

Our LFP 10 Portable Solar Generator System when fully charged could run the Survivor Pro Water Filtration System at 100% output for approximately 1.8 hours. If you have the LFP 10 + 75w Portable Solar Panel then you could run the water filtration system continuously with good sunlight. This unit can be purchased through us for R27 000.00