Flow (GPD) 2 200
m³/day 8,3
Dimensions LxDxH 48″x20″x70″
Weight (lbs) 340
Max Recovery 75%
Element Size 4×40
Number of Elements 1
Voltage 120/240
Motor HP ¾
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Standard Features:

  •      Spin Down Screen Filter with Manual Flush Valve
  •      Ion Exchange Water Softener w/auto-backwash valve
  •      Multimedia KDF-Catalytic Carbon-Poly Phosphate Pre-Filter w/auto-backwash valve 
  •      4” x 20” Big Blue Sediment Pre-Filter 20 Micron
  •      4” x 20” Big Blue Sediment Pre-Filter 05 Micron
  •      Horizontal Multi-Stage High-Pressure Jet Pump with Safeguards for Brackish Water Application
  •      4” x 40” FRP Pressure Vessels
  •      4” x 40” TFC Membrane Element
  •      Smart-on-Demand Delivery (Distribution) Pump to Point of Use 2HP.
  •      4” x 10” Big Blue Carbon Post-Filter 05 Micron
  •      Ultra Violet Sterilizer
  •      Powder-coated, Welded Aluminum Frame with Aluminum Diamond Plate.


Spin Down Pre-Filter Y
Ion Exchange Softener Y
Multimedia Pre-Filter with Y
Carbon Pre-Filter Y
20″ Sediment Pre-Filter Y
20″ Carbon Block Pre-Filter Y
Carbon Block Post-Filter Y
TDS Water Quality monitor Y
R/O High Pressure Pump Y
On-Demand Delivery Pump Y
Permeate Flow Meter Y
Concentrate Flow Meter Y
Ultra Violet Sterilizer Y
Pressure Gauges Y
PLC (Processor) Optional
Feed Supply Pump Optional
Ozone Generator Optional