The Ampac USA Brackish Water LX™ Series Turnkey Reverse Osmosis systems are custom built according to the specifications of the end user water conditions, while the LX™ Series offers fully automated commercial brackish water purifiers catering to the needs of commercial users. The reverse osmosis systems can be integrated into Tap ot Brackish Well Water systems for supplying water to hydroponics, coffee shops, restaurants, breweries, supermarkets and food preparation units, misting and humidification systems, car wash centres, and many other places that thrive on high quality fresh water for their daily operations.

All the advantageous factors, such as reliability, serviceability, and high-end performance and minimum user intervention, are found in the sound design of the Ampac USA LX™ Series systems.

When it comes to materials, the components are designed with durable materials. All the frames are manufactured with power coated welded aluminium, while the pressure vessels and hardware components are developed with industrial-grade stainless steel, lending unprecedented strength and corrosion resistance for industrial applications.

The Ampac USA LX™ series commercial reverse osmosis water purifiers design is optimized for the free-standing application. All the eight models boast similar compact footprints, allowing flexibility. The systems can be installed within the limited space available in any industrial setting.

Ampac USA LX™ Reverse Osmosis Models combine proven reverse osmosis hydraulic design with the state-of-the-art technologies to provide excellent long-term performance, required for commercial users. The welded aluminium frame and the aluminium diamond plate ensure easy access to all the essential components of the systems.

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