Ampac USA™ specialises in a broad range of reverse osmosis systems for large-scale commercial applications, ranging from 100 GPD (gallons per day) to 12,000 GPD in a single module. The residential, military and industrial applications involve 250,000 GPD on a single module.

Commercial reverse osmosis water purification systems are rampant in drinking water stores, restaurants, breweries, wineries, serving many different purposes. Some of their broader applications include boilers, humidifiers, seafood processing, dairy products, metal preparation, and dialysis systems.

Clients all over the world trust Ampac USA solutions for their reliable and consistent performance that do not require any user intervention and are supported by the unparalleled architecture.
While powder-coated welded aluminium is the standard for all kinds of frames, the stainless steel pressure vessels and fastening hardware ensure world-class structural strength and corrosion resistance.

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