AMPAC USA provides the highest quality Bottle Free water coolers and water dispensers for domestic and commercial applications.

We accommodate a unique range of efficient water coolers, which includes Counter Top Water Coolers, Stand Alone Water Coolers, and other water dispensers that are specially designed to cater to your home and office needs.

AMPAC USA Water Coolers come with innumerable benefits. Some of these key benefits are summarised below:

” The Water Coolers have stainless steel reservoirs that help you preserve water purity.
” The Water Dispensers are equipped with no-spill bottle systems.
” The Water Dispensers come with cold water thermostats.
” The Water Dispensers are available in a wide array of different models and prices.
” The Water Dispensers offer an Extended Warranty.
” The Water Dispensers are put together in the USA.
” The components used in the purification system are developed in the USA.

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