For travellers who want to check in to their hotel remotely, Ariane’s mobile option is the easiest, most powerful solution, one that enables hoteliers and their teams to shift their focus towards operational concerns rather than the act of checking clients in and out of their rooms.

For the guest, the mobile check-in couldn’t be easier. On the day of arrival, a text message is sent to travellers over their phone with a personalised number. Upon arriving at the hotel, they simply ring this number outside their room. Holding the phone to the door, a green light will flash and the door is unlocked.

The corresponding mobile app can be used to check services, order food, while the number can be used at a kiosk to print a key card proper.

When checking out, an invoice is sent to the user’s phone. From here, they proceed to the payment gateway.

Simple, hassle-free, and most of all – convenient.

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