H Quality is Hotello’s guest measuring tool which allows customers to rate their stay courtesy of a professional questionnaire.

Advantages and functionalities:

  1. Predefined Surveys 

    Your clients are the best barometer of your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t let their opinions leave with them. Automatically send questionnaires to departing clients via H Quality and use the customisable tools to get the look you want.

  2. Automatically send surveys along with thank you letters A simple thank you goes a long way. Tell your clients what their patronage means to you and configure the system so that H Quality does all the legwork.
  3. Unlimited data 

    Rest easy in the knowledge you won’t ever be charged for high volumes of messages sent or replies received.

  4. Action according to satisfaction rating Set up an automation process that generates different replies based on the client’s satisfaction. You can reply directly to unhappy customers, while satisfied clientele can be thanked and asked to leave a review on TripAdvisor, for instance.
  5. The data you need H Quality packages your customer feedback in a comprehensive report, displaying their satisfaction rating front and centre as well as the date of their stay.
  6. Questionnaires are ready when bookings are made 

    H Quality makes your life easier, which means as soon as a client books a stay, the questionnaire has tallied their details and is ready to go as soon as their stay is over. 

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