With offices in London, Dubai, Athens, New York and Singapore, Mcoms is a truly international company delivering bespoke solutions for the hospitality industry.

Mcoms was one of the first firms to deliver high-definition internet TV and video on demand, dating back to 2008, and the firm continues to innovate in this sphere, providing internet television on dedicated servers for clients all over the globe with their unique HOTstream offering.

Besides their televisual innovations, one of their tentpole products is HOTstream Signage, an innovative display and signage solution that can be placed around high-density areas and used to promote facilities, services, amenities and events happening in your building.

Perfect for restaurants, lobbies and conference rooms, Mcoms has carved out a reputation for excellence and stands tall as a media company that understands the contemporary needs of the modern business.

Visit the site here: http://mcoms.com/

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