Welcome to Equip, the easiest way to keep your staff organised while running your hotel.

Issue tasks

Using Hotello’s proprietary technology, you get a comprehensive overview of the workload your managers are under. From there, quickly and easily assign them new tasks or allocate new jobs to entire teams. A filtering system lets you issue instructions precisely without wasting time scrolling through endless columns. And you can even set recurring tasks so that your managers never forget to keep the lobby neat and tidy.

This extends to your housekeepers too. Keep on top of their day and track the time it takes to complete their tasks. Armed with this information, you can make better management decisions faster.

Get proactive

Keeping your guests happy and responding to their requests promptly is one of the important headaches of the job. With Equip, you’re notified as soon as a client has a need (be it new towels), and you can use the same system to create a ticket before assigning it to the relevant manager/team member. They’re then notified via email, SMS or over the app, and when they’re finished, you get a handy notification to tell you the work has been done. Get this: Equip even generates live statistics, including response time, and evaluates the quality of the service.

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