The iRiS Guest Valet can be accessed via hotel-provided tablets and is designed to give guests the experience they want in the palm of their hand. Control room lights, book room service, order taxis, operate the TV, curtains – guests can do this all from the app and more.

Powered by Windows 10, this powerful feature-rich software can be tailored to any hotel’s branding requirements and frees your staff to concentrate on operations while guests enjoy the comforts of their home away from home.

Far more than a guest directory or brochure, this all-in-one app allows you to manage orders, process payments and store information in the cloud. It saves on printing costs and eliminates human error too.

Better yet, you can track usage patterns and browsing habits, giving you access to important marketing collateral going forward, while messages can be tailored to guests using Property Management System (PMS) integration.

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