Powered by Nevaya, IPTV (internet TV) is the smarter way to offer television in your hotel. It takes minutes to set up and can be extended to multiple locations hassle-free. Guests pay for the content – not the hotel – meaning you don’t need to worry about servers, minimum payments or stipulations in fine print.

Nevaya’s bouquet of films cover the gamut from Hollywood elite to indie fare, many appearing on the service well before receiving a home (DVD) release.

What’s more, brand new movies are added to the platform every month and since it’s all hosted in the cloud (courtesy of Amazon Web Services), there are no costly start up fees or monthly down payments.

Guests can even tether their cell phones to sync with their hotel TV or enjoy Netflix, Youtube and Spotify. Nevaya’s system is compatible with streaming apps like Chromecast and Apple AirPlay.

Finally, why not communicate with your guests on a personal level using the Nevaya CMS (content management system) and monitor what’s popular and what’s not with Nevaya’s in-depth reporting? The front end can be easily tailored to your branding needs, delivering a content-rich hub that fits your hotel’s identity to a tee.

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